Welcome to the Uganda National Oil Company - UNOC on-line Recruitment system and Thank you for showing interest in working with us. Please find below information to guide you as you fill your on-line application form.

Please be aware that this section is for fields/areas relating to the application form. If you have any non-technical queries regarding the Job Application process, please feel free to contact the UNOC HR Team on recruitment.unoc@unoc.co.ug

Application Guide

  1. For you to apply, start by creating an account using a valid e-mail address. Please note that communication from us will be sent through that e-mail
  2. All applications shall be filled and submitted on-line.
  3. Upon submission of your application, you will receive an acknowledgment of receipt through your e-mail submitted in (a) above. Please ensure that e-mail has adequate space
  4. Applicants are allowed to apply for any number of jobs they qualify for. Applicants can only submit an application form once for any given job.
  5. In case you are not able to complete the application process, the information captured will not be lost but rather automatically saved in your log in account. This will enable you to return any time/day at your convince to complete the application process.
  6. All fields marked with * are mandatory. Your application will not be complete unless you have filled in the required information
  7. Once you have submitted your application, changes cannot be made to it. It is therefore advisable for you to go through all the fields first to ensure that all the information required has been filled and then finally submit

  8. The key areas of the application process are:

    1. Personal Information;Enter your personal information such as names, date of birth, country of birth etc
    2. University Education: This requires university education details e.g. university name, degree etc.Post graduate qualifications acquired such as Post Graduate Diploma (PGD), Masters or PHD. If you have acquired these qualifications and want to include them in your application form, upon filling and saving the initial university education information, you will see a link with “add new qualifications” below the word University education. When you click this link, you will be able to add as many qualifications as attained.
    3. Professional Qualifications: This includes certified courses attained in addition to your University and post graduate qualifications such as ACCA,CPA, CIMA, CIPD, CISCO, CNNA etc
    4. Work experience:This requires your work history if any e.g. place of work, position held, key responsibilities etc. After Saving the First Working experience, you can add more by clicking on the “Add New Working Experience” link.
    5. Language Proficiency: This requires you to indicate the languages you can speak and read and write.
    6. Referees: This includes the names and addresses of people with whom confidential information about you can be obtained
    7. Supporting Document: This is for the upload of academic and supporting documents.

If you still have any challenges while filling your application, contact the UNOC HR Team on recruitment.unoc@unoc.co.ug


  1. Academic documents for the successful candidates will be vetted and background checks conducted before they are considered for appointment into the company. Any applicant found with forged academic documents will be charged under courts of law.
  2. "UNOC is an equal opportunity employer and does not charge any monies to any candidates during the recruitment process. Report any form of solicitation to +256312444629"